100% Cashmere or 100% Cash-mehhhh???


The sign and site tells you its “pure cashmere”, but does that really mean 100% or even 5% cashmere?? We don't believe there is anything wrong with using cashmere blends to make products with amazing hand feels, as long as the information is transparent! Read between the lines to see what the care label tells you the composition is, and if there isn't even a care label...that is an easy red flag.



Feel the garment. Does it feel smooth and lofty?? or does it kind of feel slippery and rubbery?? If it kind of feels slippery, chances are its been over treated and might lose it's shape not to far into the future. If it feels really dry and rough, chances are it was made using lesser quality fibres. 


If you are shopping in person or if you want to test the quality of a garment you just received in the mail, don't be scared to give it a quick rub with the palm of you hand. Good quality 100%Cashmere should not start pilling instantly, if little pill balls start appearing after just your first light rubs....odds are it was made using poor quality fibers. (HOWEVER, we have to remind everyone that even the best quality wooly knitwear will have some degree of pilling resulting from natural friction resulted from daily use!)


The above are just some of our methods of testing if cashmere is good. Of course, the best method to just to buy from a reputable source and brand, and from experience.